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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Casey Anthony in contact with now?

Recent reports indicate that Casey is occasionally in contact with her mother, Cindy, but not with her father, George. In November 2018, George was seriously injured in a car crash in Florida, and Casey reportedly had no plans to contact him.

What was the case of Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony?

No one can ever forget the controversial case that made headlines in 2008. Casey Anthony faced trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. The mystery surrounding the death of the little girl only grew deeper as the investigations went on.

What was the name of Casey Anthony's daughter?

CASEY Anthony was the mother of Caylee Anthony, a young Florida girl who was found dead in 2008.After Casey was acquitted of her daughter's death in 2

Who are Casey Anthony's parents George and Cindy?

Who Are Casey Anthony’s Parents? Casey Anthony was born to George and Cindy Anthony, who only wanted to know what had happened to their nearly three-year-old granddaughter after not seeing her for a month.

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