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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the verdict of Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony Trial: Not Guilty Murder Verdict. Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. The jury declined to convict her of either first degree murder or manslaughter. Instead, the jurors found Casey Anthony guilty on four counts of providing false information to law enforcement, which are misdemeanors.

Why was Casey Anthony innocent?

After the verdict, the state attorney noted that this was a difficult case to prove. He was correct. Casey Anthony was not found innocent; she was simply not found guilty of murder because the prosecution did not prove each and every element of the charges they brought against her beyond a reasonable doubt.

What is the evidence against Casey Anthony?

Not inarguably conclusive on its own, this entomological evidence strengthens the case against Casey Anthony. The prosecution also used odor analyzing technology on Casey's car. They found both chloroform (the substance Casey allegedly used to knock out her daughter) and some of the 400 chemicals emitted by dead human bodies.

What was Casey Anthony charged with?

Casey Anthony, the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, was formally charged with one misdemeanor charge of filing a false report and one felony charge of child neglect by the State Attorney's...

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