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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cataloger's desktop?

Cataloger's Desktop supports discovery and access to collections of knowledge by providing information organization standards, resource description manuals, and metadata management tools in an integrated, online system.

What is a catalog in English?

A list or itemized display, as of titles, course offerings, or articles for exhibition or sale, usually including descriptive information or illustrations. b. A publication, such as a book or pamphlet, containing such a list or display: a catalog of fall fashions; a seed catalog. 2. A list or enumeration: a catalog of complaints. 3. A card catalog.

How to become a copy cataloger?

The copy cataloger will use existing catalog records, which require minimal to extensive editing, and make decisions about proper resource descriptions for… More... Qualified applicants must possess a bachelor's degree and professional/practical library experience in a public, academic or research library utilizing… More...

What skills do you need to be a cataloger?

High school graduate or equivalent and one to three years of work experience. Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating… More... Works collaboratively with other catalogers and member libraries to make resources discoverable and usable; contributes to planning and implementing cataloging… More...

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