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Frequently Asked Questions

Does cataloger's Desktop include Dewey Decimal Classification?

Cataloger's Desktop provides convenient access to Dewey training and the DDC Glossary. Cataloger's Desktop also includes linked DDC data in several languages. This important enhancement brings Dewey Decimal Classification to your Cataloger's Desktop work session, making both services more useful for DDC libraries.

Where can I find complete information on cataloger's desktop?

Complete information on Cataloger's Desktop can be found at // CDS Customer Satisfaction Survey (CDS Customer Survey). Please take this brief survey to help us serve you better.

How do I access the RDA Toolkit in cataloger's desktop?

Subscribers to both Cataloger's Desktop and the RDA Toolkit (separate subscriptions) can access the Toolkit within Cataloger's Desktop. In addition: Cataloger's Desktop subscribers with RDA Toolkit logins can enter their RDA Toolkit login in their Desktop preferences so both products work seamlessly together.

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