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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cataloger's desktop?

Cataloger's Desktop supports discovery and access to collections of knowledge by providing information organization standards, resource description manuals, and metadata management tools in an integrated, online system.

Is there a cataloger desktop-WebDewey bundled price?

There is no Cataloger's Desktop-WebDewey bundled price. Subscriptions to the two different subscription services are independent of each other, published and maintained by two different organizations, with no package subscription available. Your WebDewey login is not stored in your Cataloger's Desktop preferences.

Why can't I view RDA from within cataloger's desktop?

If you input your RDA Username and RDA Password in Cataloger's Desktop Preferences, but are asked to log in again when you try to view RDA, you are experiencing a known RDA bug. Some web browsers (including all web browsers as LC) prevent opening RDA from within Cataloger's Desktop. The developers of RDA plan to address this bug soon.

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