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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make good judgments in cataloging?

Good judgment based on logical reasoning and cataloging principles is necessary. There are many resources that provide good examples and explanations to help support making good judgments in cataloging—LC-PCC PSs, LCSCM, Cataloger’s Judgment, 2 and Maxwell’s Handbook for AACR2,3 for example.

What are the basic knowledge required for cataloging?

There is nothing more important in cataloging than professional knowledge; this includes theoretical background as well as technical skills for cataloging. Knowledge of cataloging tools is a must-have. Basic cataloging tools include the following:

What are the Cataloging Rules and standards for a library?

The cataloging rules and standards should be applied consistently to provide a consistent level of cataloging quality. The classification numbers and subject headings should be assigned while considering the collection as a whole to provide and maintain subject consistency and uniformity throughout the library collection.

How often do cataloging tools and rules change?

Cataloging tools and rules change regularly to reflect or accommodate changes or new developments. Reading professional publications is helpful for learning about updates and changes in cataloging tools and building plans to keep up with them.

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