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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between catalog and catalogue?

Key Difference: A Catalog and a Catalogue have the same meaning with a different spelling. Catalog is mostly used in American English, whereas, Catalogue is used in British English. Catalog or catalog, is basically a book containing an ordered list of names, goods, products, etc.

What's in the catalog?

A catalog is an organized compilation of bibliographic metadata that represents the holdings of a particular institution or a library network and/or resources accessible in a particular location. Cataloging, traditionally, has been seen as comprising two specific activities: Descriptive Cataloging and Subject Cataloging.

Which is correct, 'catalog' or 'catalogue'?

Catalog or catalogue: Catalog and catalogue are two spelling variants of the same word, which as a noun means a list of items, and as a verb means to make such a list. Catalog is preferred in American English. Catalogue is the British spelling. Since catalogue and United Kingdom are each spelled with a U,...

What does sale catalogue mean?

A publication containing details of items for sale, especially one produced by a mail-order company. 'Americans buy one-third of their bulbs, based on value of sales, through mail-order catalogues.'

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