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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hovsep Pushman virtual catalogue work?

The virtual catalogue's site will enable auction houses, collectors and owners of works by the Hovsep Pushman to either send their works by the artist to Dallas, Texas for review (preferable) or submit professional high resolution images (front, back and signature) of their painting (s) for an expert opinion.

Is there a catalogue for the Pushman collection?

After 20 years of research, scholarship, working closely with Ms. Lucy Ishkanian, executrix of the Pushman estate, we have decided that rather than publish a multi-volume catalogue, we would address the authenticity by creating a virtual Catalogue Raisonné for Pushman's body of work.

Can a painting be included in a catalogue raisonne?

If a painting is accepted, it will to be included in Catalogue Raisonné for the complete works of Hovsep Pushman (1877-1966). A unique catalogue id number and an acceptance letter will be issued.

Where was Hovsep Pushman born and raised?

In a 1932 one-man show at New York’s Grand Central Art Galleries, the entire display of 16 Pushman paintings was sold before opening day’s end. Pushman, later a naturalized American citizen, was born in Armenia in 1877.

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