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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best description of a catalogue raisonne?

A volume from Graham Reynolds 's catalogue raisonné of John Constable. A catalogue raisonné (or critical catalogue) is a comprehensive, annotated listing of all the known artworks by an artist either in a particular medium or all media. The works are described in such a way that they may be reliably identified by third parties.

Is there an online catalogue raisonne Scholars Association?

The Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association organised last year a conference dedicated to it: ‘Issues of the Online Catalogue Raisonné’.

What does the French pluralization catalogue raisonne mean?

The French pluralization catalogues raisonnés is used. The New York Times has described catalogues raisonnés as the definitive, scholarly compendia of an artist's work, the "supreme arbiter of the genuine and fake".

Where can I find a raisonne of an artist?

They may provide some or all of the following: To see if there is a raisonné on a specific artist, consult Art Books: a basic bibliography of monographs on artists by Wolfgang M. Freitag, as well as the A.C.I.: art catalogue index: catalogues raisonnés & critical catalogues of artists 1780–2008 .

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