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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of signature does Johannes Vermeer use?

A dot placed directly above this first line of the M transforms it into a J (of "Johannes"). The type b signatures are executed with relatively quick, rhythmic gestures. A similar signature is present on Saint Praxedis, a presumed early work by Vermeer whose authenticity, however, is strongly debated.

Who was one of Vermeer's closest colleagues?

Pieter de Hooch, one of Vermeer's closest colleagues, signed his paintings with three Roman letters in sequence: P.D.H.

When did Johannes Vermeer paint the Catholic Church?

Public domain data for this object can also be accessed using the Met's Open Access API. Painted about 1670–72, this picture presents an allegory of Vermeer's adopted religion, and was probably made expressly for a private Catholic patron or for a schuilkerk, a hidden Catholic church.

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