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Frequently Asked Questions

What does catalogue mean in the English Dictionary?

› a book that contains a list of all the products that you can buy from a company, including descriptions and prices for each product: The auction house produces a catalogue full of colour photographs for each sale, available two weeks beforehand.

What's the meaning of a mail order catalogue?

(also mail order catalogue) a book that contains pictures and prices of products that customers can order and that the company delivers to their homes:

How are manuscripts in the Cambridge English Dictionary catalogued?

The manuscripts have been collected from different sources and are catalogued accordingly. In the past, the book built the library and its architecture catalogued knowledge. Once catalogued, references to the collection will change.

How long does it take for a catalogue to arrive in Cambridge?

Granddad was browsing through a seed and plant catalogue. I've sent off for a catalogue, as I can't get in to their Cambridge shop nowadays. If you order goods from the catalogue, they usually arrive within the week. Want to learn more? Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge.

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