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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of music catalogues?

Some such catalogues are organised in a single chronological sequence; others are divided into different genres and listed chronologically within each genre; others are alphabetically arranged. Thematic catalogue indicates a catalogue with a music example ( incipit /theme) for each entry, usually represented on one or two staves.

How are works within a thematic catalogue grouped?

Works within a thematic catalogue can be grouped chronologically or by genre. Thematic catalogues produced as scholarly guides to the works of a particular composer provide a shorthand means of identification for their music. The Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV) numbering system used for the works of Johann Sebastian Bach is one example.

How do you reference a composer's works in a musical catalogue?

When such a catalogue finds general acceptance, the sequence numbers allocated by the author then become the standard way of referencing the composer's works, and these numbers usually supersede the opus numbers (if any) that were previously used.

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