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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does catalogued research cost?

First off, as I said before, it costs Catalogued Research from the Archivist’s Codex, in ascending costs — going from ilevel 200 to ilevel 207 gear costs you 500 Catalogued Research, ilevel 207 to 213 costs 750, ilevel 213 to 220 costs 1500, ilevel 220 to 226 costs 2500, and ilevel 226 to 233 costs 4000 CR. That’s per piece.

What is catalogued research in Shadowlands?

What is Catalogued Research? Cataloged Research is a currency introduced in Shadowlands patch 9.1 associated with the Archivist’s Codex faction. It is used to upgrade conduits and catch-up gear and buy sockets. To earn it, you need to turn in relics to Archivist Roh-Suir in Korthia at 62.74, 22.56.

What is catalogued research used for in Skyrim?

Catalogued Research is used to upgrade Korthian gear (which you can read more about here ), purchase Archivist’s Codex reputation items from Roh-Suir, and to increase your reputation with the faction (every 2 Catalogued Research redeemed equals 1 point of faction reputation).

How do you get cataloged research in reputation?

The "X" can be anything from 5 to 300 Cataloged Reseach. You get half of the amount Cataloged Research in reputation. These items are obtained from following: The 2 weekly assaults in the Maw.

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