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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with catalogued research in Shadowlands?

Catalogued Research is used to upgrade Korthian gear (which you can read more about here), purchase Archivist’s Codex reputation items from Roh-Suir, and to increase your reputation with the faction (every 2 Catalogued Research redeemed equals 1 point of faction reputation).

What's the best way to farm cataloged research?

Best way to farm Cataloged Research 1 By turning in Relic Fragments. ... 2 The questline with Archivist Roh-Suir rewards Cataloged Research from different quests. ... 3 Rares have a chance on dropping an item called Ripped Cosmology Chart that can reward up to 300 Cataloged Research. More items...

How many cataloged research do you get in reputation?

Them item is written the following under the title: "Generate X Cataloged Research when you deliver to Archivist Roh-Suir to further his research into the Archivist Codex. The "X" can be anything from 5 to 300 Cataloged Reseach. You get half of the amount Cataloged Research in reputation.

Where do you get cataloged research in RuneScape?

You can also get Cataloged Research from completing the bi-weekly covenant assaults in the Maw. These require you to complete 4 quests and a short scenario quest at the end. The first of these assaults starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday night on NA servers. You can then work on the 2nd assault from Thursday to Tuesday.

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