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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does secret emblem go in cataloguer destinythegame?

Cataloguer : DestinyTheGame I found a secret emblem! Cataloguer It tracks the total number of items you've added to your Collections. When I reached 2.000 of the 2.265 objets, the emblem went to my postmaster. I think it's really cool!! But that's a lot of objets to collect

How do you get an emblem in Destiny 2?

Given a lot of people play Crucible, there’s a very low chance of you even getting into a lobby during the Bungie Bounty event. You then need to either defeat the Bungie Bounty or be on their team when they win. To unlock this emblem all you had to do was donate $50 to Bungie Foundation Ipad for Kids.

Are there hidden items in the destiny catalog?

In addition to all the items now unobtainable the don't show up in the collection total (missed faction ornaments, etc) there are also many hidden items (different from the "secret" items in the catalog) that will increase your collection total when you get them. Most of them have been emblems for me this far.

What does it mean to unlock the Bungie emblem?

Unlocking this emblem is all about luck and timing. Tied to the Bungie Bounty, players who go up against either a member of Bungie or a Destiny content creator they select. This means you not only have to be knowledgable of when the bounty goes live but be one of the lucky few to go against that person.

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