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Frequently Asked Questions

What are catering beverage service supplies?

From appetizers to desserts, you can prep and hold all of your food at safe serving temperatures with our cooking and holding supplies and equipment. Our selection of catering beverage service supplies includes all the equipment needed to hold and serve your event’s featured drinks.

Why choose our catering equipment?

From eye-catching food displays to useful kitchen tools, our assortment of catering equipment is ideal for preparing and serving dishes at any type of event. Whether you’re catering a wedding reception, bridal shower, or birthday party, our wide collection of reusable catering tableware and serving supplies instantly enhances any food presentation.

What equipment do I need for my bar?

All of our bar equipment is designed for use in busy catering environments and can easily stand up to the rigours of daily constant use. Find everything you'll need to keep the day to day running of your bar going as smooth as possible, including everything from ice buckets to wine racks to bottle openers.

What disposable catering supplies do you need for your event?

We have all the disposable catering supplies you need to make cleanup easy, from dinnerware and utensils to aluminum chafer pans and food trays. Set up an enticing food display with our buffet line supplies. Browse our chafers, food pans, crocks, and serving accessories.

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