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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CBD coffee do?

In other words, CBD coffee is believed to do what bulletproof coffee and MCT oil does to your brain. On the other side, there is research which proves that consuming coffee and cannabis together can give you the sense of euphoria. Again, none of these are perfectly proven.

Can CBD coffee keep you focused?

Experts on cannabinoid therapy have stated that at low doses, CBD can be a stimulant, and at high doses it can be a sedative. Essentially, this means that if you choose your dosage correctly, adding CBD to coffee can make you more alert, more focused and less sleepy.

What is CBD infused coffee?

CBD Infused Coffee Beans. CBD has been known to help ease chronic pain, anxiety, among other ailments. Our CBD coffee comes from the highest quality coffee beans, responsibly sourced, freshly blind-roasted, and infused with solvent-free, full-spectrum CBD extract. Our CBD oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant by a supercritical CO2 process.

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