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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CBD oil cost?

A lot of CBD oil comes in either 10ml or 30ml(1oz) but the amount of liquid does not matter it is the concentration of CBD in that bottle. You can read more here if you like: But for the most part you are looking between $60-$169 depending on the strength.

How much does CBD cost?

A simple oil-based CBD product of high quality which is infused with 1,000 milligrams of 99.9% pure CBD should cost anywhere from $100 to $150.

How much CBD to take for pain relief?

When the doses were increased to 200 mg, acute pain fell by 55 percent. In phase II, participants who received the combination of CBD and THC compounds saw the frequency of their migraine attacks fall by 40.4 percent. The daily dose was 200 mg.

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