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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact CBH member services in Philadelphia?

Members seeking services please contact Member Services at 888-545-2600. Providers should contact their Provider Relations Representative. The information on this website is for Philadelphia residents who receive Medical Assistance from the state of Pennsylvania.

Why do you want to work at CBH Group?

Being a sampler at CBH allows young people to better understand the lifestyle of rural W.A. and the processes that farmer's grain goes through to end up on our plate in the form of either bread, noodles, butter, or biscuits etc.

Where does the CBH Group get their wheat from?

Australian Wheat - Your product of choice With international marketing offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Japan and accumulation offices in Australia and Russia, the CBH Group is a first class, multi origin grain supplier to over 30 countries. Australia produces only white wheat varieties.

How much does CBH invest in the supply chain?

This year, CBH made our largest ever annual investment in the network, investing approximately $240 million to enhance supply chain efficiency, maintain the network and expand storage capacity. With a few simple clicks, growers can see information specific to their local sites where enhancements have been carried out.

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