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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the CBH class grain train go?

The CBH class was ordered to haul grain trains on the open access rail network in the south of Western Australia. The trains, operated for CBH by Watco WA Rail under a long-term contract, link various CBH grain collection points in the wheatbelt with CBH terminal and port facilities in Albany, Geraldton and Kwinana .

How many locomotives and wagons does CBH Group have?

Two locomotives, 48 wagons, and drivers are on loan from Aurizon to CBH Group to help the grain handler get a record braking harvest to port. According to CBH chief operations officer Ben Macnamara, the temporary arrangement will enable the deployment of CBH rail fleets.

Why was the CBH formed in Western Australia?

CBH was formed on 5 April 1933, at a time when a royal commission on bulk handling of grain was in progress, and after over 20 years of failed proposals for bulk handling of grain in Western Australia.

Why is CBH moving locomotives to Geraldton zone?

“The arrangement with Aurizon will enable one of CBH’s rail fleets normally repositioned into the Geraldton Zone during the post-harvest period to move back into the Kwinana North and South Zones to assist with the export program whilst maintaining two rail fleets in the Geraldton Zone.”

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