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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch CBS shows free online?

Several websites at allow users to watch full episodes of CBS shows online and do so for free. Watch CBS shows online on the official CBS website. The CBS website lists full episodes of current and classic prime-time shows as well as full episodes for soap operas.

Where can I watch CBS streaming?

Watch CBS with the Official App or Website. You first CBS streaming option is to simply visit and stream recent episodes from there. You’ll have to watch unskippable commercials that seem to repeat themselves too regularly but it’s free and you can keep up with all your favorite shows without a subscription or anything.

Where can I watch The Young and the Restless episodes for free?

You can watch The Young and the Restless online for free through You won't even need to sign into your cable provider. You can just go straight to the website and watch Y&R for free! You just have to sit through a few ads and remember to disable ad blocker.

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