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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the current members of the CBS News team?

CBS News Team 1 David Agus, M.D. Anchor, “CBS Weekend News”; National Correspondent. Correspondent, 60 Minutes; CBS News Senior Political Analyst. 2 Major Garrett 3 Nancy Giles 4 Jeff Glor 5 Kimberly Godwin 6 Anne-Marie Green 7 Johnny Green Jr. 8 Peter Greenberg 9 Mary Hager 10 Steve Hartman More items...

Who are the doctors on the CBS Morning News?

CBS News Team 1 David Agus, M.D. 2 Johnny Green Jr. 3 Jon LaPook, M.D. 4 Tara Narula, M.D. 5 Elaine Quijano 6 Chip Reid 7 Paula Reid 8 Christa Robinson 9 Mo Rocca 10 Roxana Saberi More items...

Who are the top 10 CBS News anchors?

CBS News Team 1 David Agus, M.D. 2 Jose Andino 3 Brian Applegate 4 Serena Altschul 5 Jim Axelrod 6 Errol Barnett 7 Nikki Battiste 8 David Begnaud 9 Stacey Benson 10 Jeff Berardelli More items...

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