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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the CBS19 News team?

Meet the CBS19 Team 1 Aaron Baker 2 Brett Anthony 3 Chandlor Jordan 4 Colleen Campbell 5 Dana Hughey 6 David Lippman 7 JJ Maldonado 8 Johnny Congdon 9 Marangeli Lopez 10 Mariah Conduff More items...

How do I watch 19 News Live?

Live video from 19 News is available on your computer, tablet and smartphone during all local newscasts. When 19 News is not airing a live newscast, you will see live streams from Gray Television’s Local News Live. Internet Explorer users please note compatibility mode may disable if you do not see player.

What were the CBS Evening News headlines for September 13?

"CBS Evening News" headlines for September 13... Travelers grounded in Newfoundland on 9/11 te... Biden to campaign for California Governor Gav... Minnesota town to lose factory that makes MLB... al Qaeda thrives in war-torn country of Yemen...

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