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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the latest news from Tyler, Texas?

News Back News Local Texas Health Money Nation World Politics Coronavirus VERIFY CBS19 Helpline Features Latest News Stories Texas has entered its third surge of COVID-19 cases Caldwell Zookeepers recognized for Zookeeper Awareness Week Weather Back Forecast Radar 10-Day Hourly Maps Traffic Latest Weather Stories

Who is the constable in Tyler, Texas?

Tyler, TX » WeatherClosings Lessons Learned Eye on Education Facts Not Fear VERIFY Health Source Senior Source Totally East Texas Breaking News Read More » More () » Local Crime Trial of Smith County constable accused of oppression, prostitution set for August

Who was the shooting victim in Tyler Texas?

Tyler Police K9 receives special gifts through donations Officials release identity of Lufkin shooting victim Traffic lights out at Tyler intersections East Texas man added to Texas 10 Most Wanted list

Who are the players on the CBS 19 football team?

Meet the CBS19 Team 1 Aaron Baker 2 Chandlor Jordan 3 Channing Curtis 4 Dana Hughey 5 JJ Maldonado 6 Johnny Congdon 7 Joel Barnes 8 Matt Lackritz 9 Payton Weidman 10 Tina Nguyen

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