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Frequently Asked Questions

How to call 311 for the city of Columbus?

You may also submit a service request by using the menu below, through the My Columbus mobile application and by e-mail at [email protected] The City of Columbus Service Center provides a way for you, the resident, to submit a request for City Services.

Where is the 311 bus in Oak Park?

Click here Pace Rt. 311 Schedule to view that schedule. Serves MacNeal Hospital, the Metra BNSF Line Berwyn Station, the CTA Blue Line Oak Park Station and the CTA Green Line Oak Park Station.

How often does the 311 run in the morning?

The 311 runs Daily. Weekday trips start at 5:06am with the last trip at 11:56pm and most often run about every 1 hour. Saturday trips start at 5:56am with the last trip at 9:48pm and most often run about every 2 hours.

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