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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Cbus be connected to an I2C bus?

The CBUS is a three wire bus, using a different transmission format than I2C. To be able to connect CBUS receivers to an I2C bus, this special address has been reserved (‘0000001X’). I2C devices have to ignore messages to this address. The CBUS is no longer in use.

Who is the stakeholder of the I2C bus specification?

Initially the I2C Bus specification had been written by Philips Semiconductors. This company became NXP Semiconductors which now it the stakeholder of the I2C bus specification.

When did the I²C bus system come out?

U.S. Patent 4,689,740 filed on November 2, 1981 by U.S. Philips Corporation. The 100 kbit/s I 2 C system was created as a simple internal bus system for building control electronics with various Philips chips. Added 400 kbit/s Fast-mode (Fm) and a 10-bit addressing mode to increase capacity to 1008 nodes.

Which is a strength of the I 2 C Bus?

A particular strength of I 2 C is the capability of a microcontroller to control a network of device chips with just two general-purpose I/O pins and software. Many other bus technologies used in similar applications, such as Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI), require more pins and signals to connect multiple devices.

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