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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cbus Super Stadium in Brisbane located?

For all transport information on arriving and departing from Cbus Super Stadium Click Here Ticketing map for Rd 17 v Brisbane Broncos, Rd 24 v Melbourne Storm and Rd 25 v North QLD Cowboys

What are the targets for CBUs in 2030?

“Cbus already has specific net zero emissions targets for property (by 2030) and infrastructure (2050) and we are working with our investment managers to make sure that everyone is on the right pathway,” Mr Fok said. “Portfolio wide targets gives us more flexibility as to how we allocate our members money.

Where does CBUS Property rank in the world?

“Cbus Property consistently ranks at the top of the international GRESB ratings, ranking second in 2019 and third in 2018,” he said. “We are implementing stranded asset constraints across our internal quantitative portfolios.

How old is the average member of CBUs?

“Cbus Climate Change Roadmap represents a strong and sure determination to see our members retire securely in a safe climate,” Mr Fok said. “The average Cbus member is 39 years old. It’s our responsibility to safeguard their investments as the financial impacts and physical effects of climate change intensify.

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