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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a cbush element be used for?

In dynamic analysis, the CBUSH elements can be used as vibration control devices that have impedance values (stiffness and dampling) that are frequency dependent. Blas. RE: What's a CBUSH Element?

When to use line AB in cbush grid?

For noncoincident grids, if neither GO or X1, X2, X3 is specified and no CID is specified, then the line AB is the element x-axis. This option is valid only when K1 (or B1) or K4 (or B4) or both are specified on the PBUSH entry (but K2, K3, K5, K6 or B2, B3, B5, B6 are not specified).

How are element impedances computed in cbush system?

Only CBUSH elements in the residual structure that do not attach to any omitted degree-of-freedom can reference a PID identifying both a PBUSH entry and a PBUSHT entry. Element impedance output is computed in the CID coordinate system. The impedances in this system are uncoupled.

When to use a cbush element in Sol 106?

The PBUSHT entry for frequency dependency is only used in SOL 108 and SOL 111. You can also use the PBUSHT entry to define load-displacement dependency in SOL 106. The use of CBUSH element is all advantages over CELASi elements. For example, if you use CELASi elements and the geometry isn’t aligned properly, internal constraints may be induced.

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