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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of element is a cbush element?

The CBUSH element is a generalized spring-damper structural scalar element connecting two noncoincident grid points, or two coincident grid points, or one grid point with an associated PBUSH entry.

When to use a cbush element in Sol 106?

The PBUSHT entry for frequency dependency is only used in SOL 108 and SOL 111. You can also use the PBUSHT entry to define load-displacement dependency in SOL 106. The use of CBUSH element is all advantages over CELASi elements. For example, if you use CELASi elements and the geometry isn’t aligned properly, internal constraints may be induced.

How are two grid points joined in cbush?

The analysis joins any two grid points by user-specified spring rates, in a convenient manner without regard to the location or the displacement coordinate systems of the connected grid points. This method eliminates the need to avoid internal constraints when modeling, OK?.

What is the property identification number for pbush?

Description: Defines a generalized spring and damper structural element that may be nonlinear or frequency dependent. Element identification number. Property identification number of a PBUSH entry.

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