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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the only spring element I use in Femap?

Since I know well the CBUSH element this is the only spring element I use in FEMAP & NX NASTRAN, is great!. The CBUSH element is a generalized spring-damper structural scalar element connecting two noncoincident grid points, or two coincident grid points, or one grid point with an associated PBUSH entry.

What can a cbush element be used for?

In dynamic analysis, the CBUSH elements can be used as vibration control devices that have impedance values (stiffness and dampling) that are frequency dependent. Blas. RE: What's a CBUSH Element?

How many degrees of freedom can a cbush be specified for?

Stiffness and damping can be specified for 6 degrees-of-freedom, 3 translations and 3 rotations. In SOL 106 and 129, you can specify 6 nonlinear force-deflection curves instead of combined stiffness values. The properties of the CBUSH element are defined on the PBUSH and PBUSHi entries.

What's the difference between CFast and cbush fasteners?

CBUSH: 55.5% and 44.4% (Close enough) CFAST: 65.5% and 34.5%. THis seems like a huge difference, especially since MSC pushes to use the CFAST. Ok, there is no hot spots because the CFAST redistribute the load on multiple elements, but the load in the fasteners seems very off.

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