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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the springa element available in Abaqus Explicit?

The SPRINGA element is available in both ABAQUS/Standard and ABAQUS/Explicit. SPRINGA acts between two nodes, with its line of action being the line joining the two nodes, so that this line of action can rotate in large-displacement analysis. The spring behavior can be linear or nonlinear in any of the spring elements in ABAQUS.

What is the name of the Abaqus input file?

This option is used to specify the name of the Abaqus input file to be output by the translator. It is also the default name of the file containing the Nastran data. Diagnostics created by the translator will be written to a file named job-name.log.

Where do I find Nastran data in Abaqus?

The Nastran data must be in a file with the extension.bdf,.dat,.nas,.nastran,.blk, or.bulk. The Nastran data entries that are translated are listed in the tables below. Other valid Nastran data are skipped over and noted in the log file. The translator is designed to translate a complete Nastran input file.

What can a cbush element be used for?

In dynamic analysis, the CBUSH elements can be used as vibration control devices that have impedance values (stiffness and dampling) that are frequency dependent. Blas. RE: What's a CBUSH Element?

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