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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate the joint stiffness of a material?

1) For simplicity, the clamped materials are frequently assumed to have a stiffness of three times the bolt stiffness, which results in a joint stiffness factor of C m =1/4. With C m =1/4, it follows that only one fourth of the applied load P is taken by the bolt.

How are element impedances computed in cbush system?

Only CBUSH elements in the residual structure that do not attach to any omitted degree-of-freedom can reference a PID identifying both a PBUSH entry and a PBUSHT entry. Element impedance output is computed in the CID coordinate system. The impedances in this system are uncoupled.

How to extract Bolt loads from cbush elements?

Based on my hand calculation for the shearing force on the bolt, the bushing forces (shearing component) I extract from my model are significantly higher than what my hand calculation suggests. I think this is most likely due to the stiffness values I assign to the bushing property, calculated using K=AE/L.

Which is an example of the stiffness method?

The Stiffness Method – Spring Example 1 Boundary conditions are of two general types: 1. homogeneous boundary conditions(the most common) occur at locations that are completely prevented from movement; 2. nonhomogeneous boundaryconditions occur where finite non-zero values of displacement are specified, such as the settlement of a support.

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