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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use cbush with only shear stiffness?

Also, when using CBUSH with only tension and shear stiffness for two offseted plates, then a freebody diagram of the cbush shows that it is not in equilibirum (moment created by the shear load and the offset of the plates). The same thing actually happens for CFAST.

How is the stiffness matrix used in FEA?

elements used in nonstructural analyses, such as fluid flow and heat transfer, the term stiffness matrix is also used, since the matrix represents the resistance of the element to change when subjected to external influences.

Can You peform a model with cbush or CFast?

I peformed one model using cbush with hand calculated tension and shear stiffness. The cbush connect the two plates on a single node. I did another model using Nastran CFAST connectors, still using the same hand calculated stiffness.

What is the stiffness of a beam element?

Beam Element. The equation shows that the element stiffness matrix for the beam element is a 4 ×. 4 matrix. This corresponds to the fact that the element exhibits four degrees of freedom and that the displacements are not independent (that is, the body is continuous and elastic).

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