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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CD163 stand for?

CD163 ( C luster of D ifferentiation 163) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CD163 gene. CD163 is the high affinity scavenger receptor for the hemoglobin - haptoglobin complex and in the absence of haptoglobin - with lower affinity - for hemoglobin alone. It also is a marker of cells from the monocyte / macrophage...

Which macrophages express CD163?

Human CD163 expression is restricted to the monocytic–macrophage linage with high expression in, for example, red pulp macrophages, bone marrow macrophages, liver macrophages (Kupffer cells), lung macrophages, and in macrophages of several other tissues (93). A similar expression pattern is observed in the Lewis rat (10, 91).

Where is cdcd163 protein found?

CD163 protein is restricted in its expression to the monocytic/macrophage lineage. It is reported to be present on all circulating monocytes and most tissue macrophages except those found in the mantle zone and germinal centers of lymphoid follicles, interdigitating reticulum cells and Langerhans cells.

Is CD163 a scavenger receptor for hemoglobin?

In 2001, CD163 was identified as the “hemoglobin (Hb) scavenger receptor” HbSR (57) for the uptake of Hb released into the plasma and complexed to haptoglobin (Hp) during intravascular hemolysis.

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