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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CD163 (CD163)?

CD163 is a scavenger receptor for haptoglobin–hemoglobin complexes that is mostly expressed by monocytes and macrophages and is shedded [as soluble CD163 (sCD163)] by inflammatory stimuli.

Can membranous/cytoplasmic staining be used for CD163 neoplasm?

Besides staining nonneoplastic monocytes and histiocytes (tissue macrophages), membranous/cytoplasmic staining for CD163 was primarily limited to neoplasms with monocytic/histiocytic differentiation.

Is CD163 a useful marker for the diagnosis of monocytic tumors?

Its limited range of expression and tissue specificity indicate that CD163 may have significant diagnostic utility in separating specific tumors with monocytic and histiocytic derivation from other entities in their differential diagnosis. Publication types Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural

Is CD163 a marker of alternatively activated macrophages?

Specifically, CD163 is considered a marker of alternatively activated or anti-inflammatory macrophages (Abraham and Drummond, 2006; Komohara et al., 2006 ). After activation, CD163 is cleaved from the surface of macrophages and becomes soluble CD163 (sCD163), which makes its detection possible in serum and CSF body fluids.

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