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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cebu Pacific safe airline?

After careful evaluation and feedback from the airline and aviation industry has upgraded its seven-star safety rating system to give more importance to IOSA and this move elevates Cebu Pacific up to 7-stars - the highest ranking. SEE our video on dispelling the myths of flying.

Does Cebu Pacific Air have WiFi?

Cebu Pacific is a budget philippine airline that has an inflight wifi facility for its passengers. In 2012, they first introduced inflight wifi, and they were the first among the Southeast Asia to provide this service. They have inflight wifi on their A330 fleet at first.

Are Cebu Pacific tickets refundable?

Unfortunately, the tickets you bought from Cebu Pacific during a "promo fare" can't be refunded . If you paid via Paypal, you can clearly see this indicated on the payment receipt. See this sample receipt from Cebu Pacific Air.

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