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Frequently Asked Questions

What do cells do to stay alive?

In order for us to stay alive, our cells must stay alive. Cells need food, oxygen, and water to remain alive and healthy. Using the food, oxygen and water creates energy for our cells. This process makes waste in the form of urea and carbon dioxide that must be removed from the cells.

Are the organelles of a cell alive?

Organelles are in our cells which are in our body. The organelles help out the cells just like the cells help our body. Organelles are not considered alive because, alive things need to reproduce. We have body parts that aren't able to reproduce because it isn't possible.

Are xylem cells alive or dead?

These cells also make up the vascular system of plants, conducting water throughout the plant and providing circulation. These cells can be both alive and dead, and there are several different types of xylem cell which can be found within the parts of a plant known collectively as xylem.

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