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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cells are in the urinary system?

There are four different types of cells, pore cell, duct cell, canal cell, and a fused pair of glod cells.There are two types of tissues in the excretory system. Epithelial tissue: Simple- one layer of cells, and Stratified- more than one layer of cells. Kidneys-Filters waste from blood. Urinary bladder-Stores liquid waste.

What cells would be found in urine that came from the bladder?

The cells that would be found in urine that originally came fromthe urethra are transitional epithelial cells.

What does it mean to have typical cells in your urine?

Atypical. This indicates that some abnormalities were found in your urine sample cells, but they weren't abnormal enough to be considered cancer. Suspicious. The urine cells were abnormal and might be cancerous. Positive. A positive result indicates that cancer cells were found in your urine.

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