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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cemex Holdings Philippines?

Cemex Holdings Philippines, Inc. (CHP), a subsidiary of CEMEX Asian South East Corporation (CASEC), was incorporated on September 17, 2015 as a stock corporation. It is primarily to invest in or purchase real or personal property; and to acquire and own, hold, use, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage all kinds of properties.

Is CHP owned by Cemex?

CHP is a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of CEMEX España, S.A., which in turn is indirectly-owned by CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V (CEMEX). CHP's incorporation formed part of the reorganization implemented in 2015 by CEMEX.

Who is the current president of CEMEX?

*As of February 2019. Joaquín Estrada. President CEMEX Asia, Middle East and Africa. Joaquín Estrada joined CEMEX in 1992, and has held several executive positions, including head of operations in Egypt and Spain, and more recently as President of CEMEX Asia.

What does CEMEX USA do for the community?

When it comes to entertainment, Orlando has it all—including a 200-foot-tall, hand-carved concrete volcano teeming with heart-pounding waterslides. CEMEX USA is helping Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey, proudly assisting the Houston community and our employees with rebuilding efforts.

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