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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Cemex become the largest cement company?

In 1982, the company made significant progress in overseas markets, doubling its exports. Further acquisitions of Mexican cement companies were made in 1987 and 1989, making CEMEX one of the ten largest cement companies in the world.

When did Cemex acquire Vencemos Cement Company?

Internationalization, 1990–2006. Venezuela 's largest cement company, VENCEMOS, was acquired by CEMEX in 1994, and plants were purchased the same year in the United States and in Panama. In 1995 CEMEX acquired a cement company in the Dominican Republic, and with the purchase of a majority stake in a Colombian cement company in 1996,...

When did Cemex acquire Valenciana de Cementos?

Internationalization, 1990–2006. In 1992, CEMEX began its push into the international landscape with the purchase of Spain's two largest cement companies, Valenciana de Cementos (Valcem, currently head of CEMEX Spain) and Cementos SANSON. Venezuela 's largest cement company, VENCEMOS, was acquired by CEMEX in 1994,...

Are there any environmental laws that Cemex is violating?

CEMEX has been accused of violating environmental laws in the United States. Environmental watchdog groups and the United States Environmental Protection Agency are threatening to file suit claiming the company has committed numerous violations of the Clean Air Act in Lyons, Colorado . [22]

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