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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the census and why is it important?

A reliable census is important for a country to adequately plan growth, deliver services and solve the country's problems. For example, a national government distributing economic assistance to local governments can use census data to direct aid to parts of the country with the highest poverty rates.

What does it mean to conduct a census?

A census is the gathering of information about all the people in a particular country or region. In modern times, many countries conduct regular censuses, usually every five or ten years. Every ten years, April 1 is designated as Census Day. This information is used for many purposes.

What does the census do?

The Census helps determine how many representatives each state receives. A census taker who is multilingual can interact with immigrants and respond to their concerns about the census. Census takers are important for understanding demographic statistics. Census takers document the number of married couples in a given area.

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