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What was the life like in the Hellenistic period?

While the Hellenistic world incorporated a number of different people, Greek thinking, mores, and way of life dominated the public affairs of the time. All aspects of culture took a Greek hue, with the Greek language being established as the official language of the Hellenistic world.

How did architecture change during the Hellenistic period?

Architecture in the Greek world during the Hellenistic period developed theatrical tendencies, as had Hellenistic sculpture. The conquests of Alexander the Great caused power to shift from the city-states of Greece to the ruling dynasties . Dynastic families patronized large complexes and dramatic urban plans within their cities.

Who was the founder of the Hellenistic civilization?

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great himself in 331 BCE and very quickly became the center of commerce and culture of the Hellenistic world under the Ptolemies. Alexandria hosted the tomb of Alexander the Great, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the faros (lighthouse) of Alexandria,...

What was the Order of Art in the Hellenistic period?

The columnar style of the order is similar in many ways to the Ionic order except for the column’s capital , which is vegetal and lush. A double layer of acanthus leaves line the basket from which stylized tendrils and volutes emerge.

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