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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CenterPoint Energy provide electricity?

As an electricity utility, CenterPoint Energy provides not only electricity and natural gas distribution, but also community service in the areas it supplies energy. The utility has a close relationship with United Way, and assists 85 local United Way offices throughout its service area.

What does CenterPoint Energy provide?

CenterPoint Energy is a US based energy utility. Founded in 1882, the company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. CenterPoint supplies electricity and natural gas to the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Minnesota and Louisiana.

Does Centerpoint offer electricity?

The Centerpoint market area became deregulated in 2001. As a utility, Centerpoint does not sell electricity, they only deliver it and maintain the poles and wires. If you live in the Centerpoint delivery area, you must select a retail electricity provider (REP).

What does Centerpoint mean?

A centerpoint is a point of depth at least n/(d + 1), and a Tukey median must be a centerpoint, but not every centerpoint is a Tukey median. Both terms are named after John Tukey.

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