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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Centerpoint Energy and Vectren Energy located?

CenterPoint Energy's competitive natural gas sales and services business serves more than 100,000 customers in 33 states. The company employs nearly 8,000. Headquartered in Evansville, Ind., Vectren provides natural gas to more than 1 million customers in Indiana and Ohio, and electricity to 145,000 customers in Indiana.

How many customers does Vectren and CenterPoint serve?

With the merger complete, the combined CenterPoint Energy and Vectren company now serves more than 7 million natural gas and electric customers in eight states and represents a significant step toward its vision to lead the nation in energy delivery, service and value.

How many meters does CenterPoint Energy have in Indiana?

We maintain the wires, poles, and electric infrastructure serving more than 2.5 million metered customers in the greater Houston area and in southwestern Indiana. We also own and operate nearly 1,300 megawatts of electric generation capacity in Indiana.

How to contact center point energy in Minnesota?

Minnesota Customer Service (Residential): 612-372-4727 or 800-245-2377 Customer Service (Commercial): 612-321-4939 Home Service Plus ®: 877-HSP-1664 or 612-342-4610​ Report a Gas Leak: 612-372-5050 or 800-296-9815 Call Before You Dig: 811. Payment Address: CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

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