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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Centerpoint Energy and Vectren located?

The combined company, which is named CenterPoint Energyand headquartered in Houston, has regulated electric and natural gas utility businesses in eight states that serve more than 7 million metered customers and a competitive energy businesses' footprint in nearly 40 states. "Today, we come together as one company.

How many customers does Vectren and CenterPoint serve?

With the merger complete, the combined CenterPoint Energy and Vectren company now serves more than 7 million natural gas and electric customers in eight states and represents a significant step toward its vision to lead the nation in energy delivery, service and value.

What happens to CenterPoint Energy after the merger?

Pursuant to the merger agreement, CenterPoint Energy will contribute an additional $3 million per year for a minimum of five years after the closing of the merger to the Vectren Foundation, which will continue to operate out of Evansville.

Who is the CEO of center point energy?

"I look forward to watching the newly combined company thrive in this evolving industry," said Carl Chapman, outgoing Vectrenchairman, president and chief executive officer. "CenterPoint Energywas the right partner for Vectrenand I am confident this merger will have a positive impact on all stakeholders.

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