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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an economist?

The first step to becoming an economist is earning a bachelor's degree. There is no requirement for what you should major in, but earning a degree in economics or one that is relevant to the field of economics, like accounting, finance or mathematics, can benefit you in the long term.

What is a certificate in economics?

Certificate in Economics. The field of economics is a broad discipline that deals with the production, supply, and consumption of goods and services. The field analyzes the interaction among consumers, suppliers, goods, industries, etc. to discover trends that are used to devise better policies.

What is a chartered economist certification?

The Chartered Economist ® qualification is one of the most highly respected and valued qualifications available internationally. It is recognized by member states in both developed and emerging markets, the Chartered Economist ® designation is recognized as a symbol of professional excellence.

What is economic development certification?

Economic Development Certificate Program (Graduate) The goal of the Graduate Certificate in Economic Development program is to provide knowledge and skills for those currently employed or pursuing careers in economic development.

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