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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'CERT' mean in legal terms?

Cert is the abbreviation for Certiorari. Certiorari is a formal request to a court challenging a legal decision of an administrative tribunal, judicial office or organization alleging that the decision has been irregular or incomplete or if there has been an error of law. In the U.S. the writ of Certiorari is a general appellate remedy.

What is a legal certification?

Legal Definition of certification. Certification is often used in state courts as well as federal courts and, where available, allows a federal court to refer a question of state law to the state's highest court. Certification is also used to refer to a judge's order that allows a suit to be maintained as a class action.

What are the requirements for a certification?

Certification Requirements. Complete one year in clinical training. The first postgraduate year must be ACGME- or RCPSC- accredited clinical training in internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery or surgical specialties, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, family practice, emergency medicine, transitional year, or any combination of these.

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