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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies are ISO 9001 certified?

Canadian-based marine technology company Kraken Robotics Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Kraken Robotic Systems Inc., has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS), including manufacturing sites located in Mount Pearl, NL and Dartmouth, NS.

What are the benefits to being ISO 9001 certified?

Benefits of ISO 9001 to your customers Minimises mistakes Improves reporting and communications Better quality products and service More reliable production scheduling and delivery Standards maintained by annual assessments

What do you need to know about ISO 9001 certification?

Here's a quick breakdown of the most important information about the ISO 9001 standard: ISO 9001 is an international standard for a quality management system (QMS). ISO 9001 is part of the larger ISO 9000 family. ISO 9001 is the only standard that can be certified to. ... Individuals cannot get ISO 9001 certified; rather, organizations or companies get certified. More items...

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