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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certificate of trust used for?

A Certification of Trust is used in place of the actual trust to open up an account on behalf of a trust at a financial institution. The principal, or assets, are then put into the account to fund the trust.

What is a "certified Trust List"?

A certification of trust is a document that is used to certify that a trust was established. It provides important information, like the name of the trust, the trustees, and the date it was formed. It is also referred to as an abstract or memorandum of trust.

What is a certificate of trust in Texas?

A certification of trust is a document that contains relevant details about an established trust containing real property. It is governed by Texas Property Code Sec. 114.086. A certification of trust validates the existence of the trust by identifying its full name, the date it was established,...

What is a certificate of trustee authority?

What is a Certificate of Trustee Authority? It is a short document that summarizes administrative information about the trust that a financial instituion may need, such as the trust name, date, trustee names and the powers held by the trustees.

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