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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certificate of trust in Arizona?

Arizona Rev. Stat. 14-11013 outlines the requirements for a certification of trust in the State of Arizona. A certificate of trust is used to disclose information about a trust to a person who is not a beneficiary of said trust.

What is a certification of trust?

A certification of trust is a document that certifies the establishment of a trust and provides information such as the name of the trust, the initial trustees and the date of formation. State laws vary as to the ability of a surviving settlor/trustee to name a co-trustee...

What is a certificate of trust?

A certificate of trust -- sometimes called a certification, abstract or memorandum of trust -- substantiates that certain property is indeed held in the trust’s ownership.

What is a certificate of trustee authority?

What is a Certificate of Trustee Authority? It is a short document that summarizes administrative information about the trust that a financial instituion may need, such as the trust name, date, trustee names and the powers held by the trustees.

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